Web Software Developer

A Web Technology follower, Allan enjoys working with programming languages, creating web applications and managing web servers. Besides work, he codes his Arduino for fun projects such as a high-speed photography flash trigger.

During his free time, he enjoys fingerpicking his guitar, sometimes playing music, most of the time creating noise.

He can be seen riding his folding bicycle around the neighborhood. Goes diving occasionally, seen a live sunfish and enjoys cooking his own meals. When it is time to rest, he sleeps through audiobooks and dreams of Elves, Trolls and Northern Lights.

His github:

Skills Profile

PHP, Javascript, Python, Golang

Laravel PHP Framework, Nodejs, VueJs, ReactJs, Gatsbyjs

MySQL, SQLite, PostgreSQL, Redis, GraphQL

System Designs
Event Sourcing, Domain Driven, Microservices

Docker, Ansible, Kubernetes, Amazon AWS, Proxmox, Jenkins

Selenium, Siege, locust.io, ELB, Grafana


  • Front End Development
  • Back End Development
  • Microservices RESTful API
  • Payment Gateway Intergration
  • Web Application Design
  • Cloud Computing, DevOps
  • Selenium Web Automation
  • Web Server Migration

Personal Project